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Korean boy looking for a daddy on Graig's List

Hot 7Have 393 Reads2017-12-14 19:41


Im 26 years old Korean who is into some kinky stuff. I like to be submissive. and sometimes wear panties if daddy makes me want to be humiliated. I also have a jockstrap to wear so the daddy can use me with no distraction of my dick clit flapping and I can just focus on the h ole for daddy's pleasure. I like to cum like how a pussy bou should be coming. without using my hands and by you fuc king my h ole. 




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Reply nochii16 2017-12-17 17:06
I would fuck this dude if I was a daddy abd would not mid the dick flapping but im a teink as this guy is
Reply hunky2man 2017-12-19 10:45
Reply blackchantinii 2017-12-19 12:04
complete address please! hahaha
Reply Doddysapta 2018-1-14 11:44
Reply minage2004 2018-1-27 11:12
I'm going to airport!!!
Reply Sumwone 2018-7-19 21:42
blackchantinii: complete address please! hahaha
No kidding... OH MY!
Reply blackchantinii 2018-7-20 03:46
Sumwone: No kidding... OH MY!

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