May 242015

Hero Tai was born Sept. 12 1986 and stands 183 cms and weighs 70 kg. His chinito deep penetrating eyes says it all. Wherever he goes, covert adulation follows . whether in pictorial or in photo shoots … only a blind man will not fall under his spell.

Because of his charm and his good looks, Hero made modelling his steppingstones to reach his dreams. He was Mr. Malaysia 2006 and on the same year he wants to try and sell his wares in Singapore’s meat market … namely Mr. International 2006. He was one of the finalist.

In 2011, Hero Tai Starting his Acting Career, He start to involved more than four NTV 7 Chinese Drama, and more than 3 Malaysia Local Movie.Comes to 2012, Hero Tai Start to be <I-Walker>TV Host with Taiwan San Lih TV Station.

Besides that, He was also Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Coach and Practitioner, and also Certified Sports Nutritionist By International Fitness Association, and always to keep improve knowledge and keep all the Hardwork in his Commercial Model and Acting Career.
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