Only our members can get all videos password and daily-updated male body photography collection!

How do I become a member of the community?
You should have invitation code to register at our forum: http://tenchunk.net/bbs/forum.php

How do I get invitation code?
You can do one of two options to get the invitation code:
1. Donate USD $5 to the site at below Donation button.( Or transfer money to my paypal account: tenchunk5@gmail.com)
2. Shoutout our new Instagram account (@Asian_Boys_Heavenii) on your Instagram account.     ( e.g. Please follow @Asian_Boys_Heavenii ) Your Instagram’s account must have 100+ followers and open (not private account).

How soon will I request be processed?
One or two days after your donation or email sending.

Can I donate more than $5?
Yes, you can. If you donate more than $5, you will get extra forum money (chunks, $1 = 100 chunks).

Can I buy forum money?
Yes, just note it in brief when you donate.

For all other personal or business advertisement, please contact us at tenchunk@gmail.com.

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