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Korea will remade “Addicted (Heroin)”?

  Recently, a hot topic has been discussing in Korean famous forum instiz: Korea will remade Chinese web series “Addicted (Heroin)”. Two leading actors have

Police arrested 23 gay men in a sex party in North Jakarta

Jakarta police arrested 23 men, who were assumed to be homosexual, while they were having a drug party in Griya Manis Block A, Sunter Agung,

He looks like a K-pop star after plastic surgery

PETALING JAYA: A factory worker in Thailand suffering from a crooked jaw underwent a series of plastic surgery procedures, so much so that his own

Gay sex no longer a crime in India

Gay sex among consenting adults is not an offence, the Supreme Court ordered on Thursday, reading down a British-era section 377 of the penal code

Russian air cadets in trouble after scantily clad twerking video goes viral

Russian air cadets have landed in hot water after a video of them twerking with each other in underwear and military caps went viral. More

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if only all gyms were as fun as this one! Suddenly there are transvestites and men in glaring pink? May the gods of BL bless

The Gifted (Thai TV series) Full

The Gifted is a 2018 Thai science fantasy suspense television series produced by GMMTV and Parbdee Taweesuk. It is directed by Patha Thongpan, Dhammarong Sermrittirong,

The Ambiguous Focus

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Romil and Jugal

Romil and Jugal is an Indian Hindi web series, produced by Ekta Kapoor for her video on demand platform ALTBalaji. Rajeev Siddhartha and Manraj Singh

Ouroboros (TV series)

Ouroboros (ウロボロス〜この愛こそ、正義。) is a Japanese drama series which tells the story about two men, one a detective and another a member of the yakuza, who

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2017 Music Event

2017 Music Event


ABH 5th Anniversary Quiz Event

ABH 5th Anniversary Quiz Event

You have a chance to win chunks by answering some questions in our 5th Anniversary.

Mr. 2017 Guessing Game Event

Mr. 2017 Guessing Game Event

After twelve months of betting for the hottest and cutest Asian Boys, we now bring you the Mr. Guessing Game 2017. Presenting, the 12 hottest

ABH 4th Anniversary Event

ABH 4th Anniversary Event

We will spend an eternity loving you, caring for you, respecting you, showing you every day. And in return, we have a happy event for