Elva Hsiao’s ex boyfriend scandal chat videos leaked
Elva Hsiao is a Taiwanese famous singer and actress. Elva was previously in a relationship with 24-year-old professional golfer Michael Chen but the pair have since split in April 2017. She was seen on the streets with her pro-golfer 24-year-old boyfriend Michael while they were making their way to Tian Di He Entertainment’s Chinese New Year celebratory dinner. The pair wore matching outfits and was escorted by a bodyguard.

It was said that Elva brought Michael to every table to drink with her friends and got a little drunk towards the end of the party. Thankfully, her boyfriend stayed by her side the entire night and took care of her when she got too tipsy. Elva’s beau also got along well with her friends and was seen playing guessing games with them.

Elva also gave out numerous red packets during the party, which totaled up to NT$1.2 million (approximately S$54,000) and sponsored the prizes for the lucky draw.
The 36 year-old singer was first seen in Bangkok, Thailand with her boyfriend last November, 2017. It was followed by more regular sightings of the couple at the gym and at Elva’s house, sparking rumours that they were currently living together.
It was known that Evla had been relationship with many ex-boyfriends before. Most of them are young, handsome and fresh.
It was confirmed that the guy in the video is Michael Chen.



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