Police arrested 23 gay men in a sex party in North Jakarta
Jakarta police arrested 23 men, who were assumed to be homosexual, while they were having a drug party in Griya Manis Block A, Sunter Agung, North Jakarta, on Sunday morning, September 30th. “The perpetrators have been arrested and the case is still investigated,” said the vice chied of Jakarta police, Arie Ardian, in Jakarta, Monday.
Arie explained that during the raid, the police found dozens of ecstasy pills. They decided 4 people as suspects, which are DS, EK, DL, and TM.
At first, the police got report that DS’ house was often visited by a man, who they assumed to be gay. They finally raided the place. “They were suspected of having a deviated sexual behavior, and when we did the raid, we found that they were having an ecstasy party,” Arie said.
The police assumed that they were having a gay sexual party because the men were only wearing their underwear when the police arrived. Arie added that they will investigate further because there is an element of prostitution as well.
EK admitted that he got ecstasy from DS as much as 25 pills on Saturday, September 29th to be distributed during a bachelor party. DS asked him to distribute the pills. Now, the four suspects are imprisoned and will be sentenced to at least 6 years and at most 20 years of imprisonment.
Homosexuality is not illegal in Indonesia (except in Aceh), but in recent years police have targeted members of the gay community by conducting raids on gay clubs, spas and get together in private venues. In past cases, police have charged some of the people involved with violating Indonesia’s ambiguously worded pornography laws. If they are convicted, they could be resigned serving up to 20 years.
It was said that the organizer’s name is Ray Seroy, but the further information need to be confirmed. Ray Seroy’s IG is stopped updating on September 27.

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