Two Italian senators ‘filmed s.e.x’ in the parliamentary toilet
A couple of horny lawmakers have been hitting the newswire in Italy. According to Il Giornale reporter Romana Liuzzo, two MPs, one from the Lega Nord party and another from the Five Star Movement (M5S), have been caught on a cell phone camera having sex in a restroom of the lower chamber of parliament.
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“Obviously, we know their names,” the journalist wrote; she refused to disclose their identities, however, citing their right to privacy.
More details surfaced later: Franco Bechis, director of the Italian daily Il Tempo, was quoted as saying that the two MPs were “two tall, beautiful men.”
Francesco D’Uva, the Five Star group leader in the Chamber of Deputies, reportedly forbade fellow party members in a text message from divulging the sordid details of the story.