U.S. Military’s Transgender Ban
Though this Channel theme is called LGBT, I noticed that we do not have many article or post on Transgender news and awareness. Hence, decided to make a Transgender themed article.


Before July 2015, there is a discriminating ban against Transgender working in U.S. Military. This ban was lifted on 13 July 2015 during Barack Obama’s president term.

However, in 26 July 2017, Donald Trump attempted to reinstate this ban on Transgenders serving in U.S. Military. If enforced, this reinstatement will cause over 13,000 Transgenders to be laid-off. This decision faced legal set-back and opposition by the general public and the Military. The Republican National Committee is the only open government body supporting of the ban to date. Amusingly, there are many Republicans also that wants Trump out in 2020.

Despite the possibility of being laid-off in the near future the transgenders to be recruited or currently serving the military are still willing to serve their Nation and people in good spirit. Kudos to the good souls staying strong from the pressure. Their positive attitude and professional proficiency had earned them open support from Military commanders.

Despite on-going legal challenges, the Supreme court had allowed the ban to take effect but takes no stand to the legality of the ban. For those interested in more details, you can refer to my reference section below for full articles.


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