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  • once u r up there...seems like nothing to fight for now   must aim for new thing now  Reply
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  • Anyone knows how to get reverance? and what is that?    Reply
  • thanks Garv for the heartwarming  Reply
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  • how do i get the picture task? a upload pics, make a album and change my avatar but 0% completion  Reply
  • I've got 313 visitors and counting.. Wonder when will I get my 1st thousand visitors    Reply
  • 1000++ to go before  I got my Baron crown   Reply
  • today, I found out that some members show their true selves here. Bravo... Salute to them    Reply
  • thks kuroro for updating me on ways to make moneys here    Reply
  • I lost my forum veteran medal   Reply
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BARON 2013-09-25
Yahoo.... I just got upgraded to Baron....ship :) Congratulations to myself
(1094) Reads|(6) Comments
What's a BLOG 2013-09-20
What does Blog actually stand for? Is it an accronym for something or just a new phrase. Everyone nowadays owns a it could also be a diar ...
(999) Reads|(4) Comments
Testing Blog 2013-08-07
 Did I make it?
(896) Reads|(4) Comments

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lianga321 2023-1-28 05:09
thanks for sharing the nice video
hunky2man 2018-1-2 11:25
oh dear...just read your message....which post was it? hope someone has done it for you...sorry
edwin 2017-12-28 01:00
Dear Sir, I was born in the age of the rotary phone and am technically illiterate. May I ask your eminence's help.In the piece I posted, I came up with 2 photos of the same thing, the house. Could you erase one. I have also been trying to post a photo of the narrator as he came back to the place, but am unable to. What should I do? Anyway, there is a chapter 2. I usually write in Microsoft office, then copy and paste, then edit the piece. So, I can take my time. HAPPY NEW YEAR. Edwin
hunky2man 2017-5-13 10:31
shemade2004 2017-5-13 05:57
hunky2man 2017-5-2 09:14
well, i'm in the same boat too....old guy
edwin 2017-4-29 08:04
Dear hunky2man, thank you for organizing what I posted. I read the "how to," but still can not grasp it. I am 69 right now, and most of my activities are with nephews, nieces, siblings, and grandnephews and etc.. My parents died in their 90s. My mother at 97, and since I was the only one living with them, I took care of them throughout. My world has been very limited.
Thank you again
edwin 2017-4-28 01:58
hunky2man. I've been trying to upload a second installment of television host but have been unsuccessful. You'll have to excuse me. When I was growing up, there were no computers. Could you help me out. Edit it as best or remove it as you feel better. Thanks a lot, Edwin. It is in the Celebrities, section.
hunky2man 2016-9-13 14:35
JULIO2567 2016-8-27 21:01
hello dude....
hunky2man 2016-7-12 08:11
shall try to..but I don't speak pinoy so....
tonyo72 2016-7-2 12:26
appreciate if you can download pinoy indie films particularly those directed by lucas Mercado (with male frontal nudity).thanks in advance.
hunky2man 2016-6-3 07:31
I shall try but your moderator will do that for you, I presume   No worry...keep posting, repeated is better than none at all
edwin 2016-5-28 10:26
hunky2man, I made a mess of my postings. Can you correct it in an orserdly and logical manner. I seem never to learn. Thanks.
hunky2man 2016-5-20 17:48
sure... my email is
edwin 2016-5-16 01:04
If you want private photos of the Filipino call boy where he is being fucked, and his face shownm send me a private message with your e-mail, and I'll send it via e-mail. Edwin
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