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  • If you're going to love, love all the way! Don't be scared of getting hurt or you will never know real love. Reply
  • I met a cute guy on this game I'm playing on my android phone. Hope to see more of him soon   Reply
  • New avatar. Bai Luo Yin is Love   Reply
  • Happy New Year all!   Reply
  • Merry Christmas Philippines! Reply
  • I saw Henrik Flores Lagoni today. He's taller than expected. What a cutie. Good that he's game for a photo ops.   Reply
  • Finally, I was able to recovere my google drive account. Time to share more videos       Reply
  • My goodness, I forgot my password on my google drive account! Can't share videos for now.   Reply
  • Loving the blue theme of the forum.   Reply
  • Happy Holidays   Reply
  • Christmas is fast approaching la   Reply
  • I'm back   Reply
  • Mooncake Festival   Reply
  • Sorry for being inactive lately. Real life is taking over me,   Reply
  • Movie date   Reply

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laboandrew 2020-2-20 14:26
Hey. What's up?
yellwin 2015-12-13 10:28
Hi.what movie is the japanese karaoke came from?salamat
zerome 2015-9-18 11:04
kuroro: Hi there zerome :D
keep poking haaaa....   
zerome 2015-9-17 10:48
hai handsome....
yongchan 2015-8-10 11:24
kuroro: yeah text text na lang :P
seryoso ba?

text mo ko hahahahaha
yongchan 2015-8-9 03:25
kuroro: Haha sige matutuloy na yung treat ko sayong milktea =))

yongchan 2015-8-8 20:47
kuroro: LOL sa bandang Paseo/Legaspi ka? Haha isang kanto lang pagitan natin =))
legazpi village ako? hahahah

i shall find you
yongchan 2015-8-7 03:10
kuroro: Cool, malapit lang tayo sa isa't isa then. Nasa likod namin ang greenbelt eh
Harap lang ako ng greenbelt 1 hahahahahaha

Iistalk kita
yongchan 2015-8-6 04:02
kuroro: Wow. Welcome to the club. San ka?
Hassle ang layo and traffic hahaha.

Near greenbelt lang haha medyo convenient narin
yongchan 2015-8-5 06:41
Uwaahhh makati boy nako huhu
yongchan 2015-6-20 10:48
kuroro: Oh ichika mo na dito haha
Nakakahiya naman besh

asan ang privacy hahahaha
yongchan 2015-6-20 10:27
Dude dami ko pala kwento dapat hahah
cricket 2015-5-24 09:38
kuroro: Thanks   
thank you, too.
clarity 2015-5-9 14:49
well well well..hello..i wonder if u hv collection of thai mag?hehe
gotony444 2015-4-30 23:48
kuroro, your collection has so many hot men! I am overwhelmed by hotness !
page33g 2015-4-23 14:33
Nice to look at !
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