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Who knows this music?

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I came across the BL drama trailer of 'I Feel You Linger In The Air' on the portal of the forum. I love this kind of fantasy romance.

I like it's background music from 7'50'', but I want to listen to it in completed version. Anyone can provide clues´╝č

Jom and Khun in I Feel You Linger In The Air

The story

The story is divided into two parts. 

Part one is essentially Jom getting into a car accident due to his mind being clouded by the thought of his longtime lover breaking up with him and announcing his engagement to his new fiance. When Jom inadvertently travels through a wormhole, he finds himself in 1920s Thailand, where he is forced to work as an errand boy raising pigs and serving a foreign master who takes him in after seeing him struggle after being transported in time. He meets Khun-Yai, and they develop a slow attraction. Their relationship is similar to that of a master and his servant.

Part two is where it starts all over again but this time it is more painful. Jom is then transported to another wormhole and in to another timeline where Khun Yai's face is now Commander Yai set in late 18th century Thailand. This is where alot of the angst, pining and loving cranked twice.

The conclusion is a happy one. I can assure you of that. Near the end of the story, it is revealed how Jom and Khun-Yai's relationship will progress in different timelines.




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