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My miserable first love (1)

Hot 1Have 16 Reads2023-3-12 21:29 |Personal type:My Life Road

I was anxious on the first day of high school. I'd always felt a little out of place, so the idea of beginning at a new school and getting to know new people was terrifying. One person, though, attracted my attention amidst all the confusion and uncertainty: Noah.

Noah, a classmate who plays varsity soccer, is popular with girls and a member of the squad. but he showed a special fondness for me and he would give me some small gifts.

I finally reached my breaking point. I had to be honest with Noah and admit my feelings for him. Despite my fear of his response, I had to stop living a lie.

I bravely met his eyes once when he gave me a small gift, not intending to move away to express my feelings for him. We exchanged glances for a moment before he walked away, his face flushed with embarrassment. Then, for nearly a month, he purposefully avoided me. I also avoided him on purpose so as not to aggravate matters.

After about a month, he began actively seeking me out to talk. He'd flirt with me, touch my arm, or give me a lingering glance, and I'd get the feeling we were meant to be together. When I turned around in class, he was looking at me fondly. He was always waiting for me at the end of class.

I thought I was in love. (To be continued)

I was in 16 years old




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