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Boys are always boys - Boys' talking topics in the Catholic boarding schools Dor

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As a former student of a Catholic boarding school, I can tell you that the conversations that boys have in the dorms aren't limited to topics about religion. In fact, there are a variety of subjects that pique their interest and keep them entertained during their downtime. Below are some of the most popular topics that I and my fellow classmates enjoyed discussing:

Sports: Whether it's football, basketball, rugby, or cricket, boys have a strong passion for sports. They take pleasure in discussing their favorite teams, players, and matches. Bragging about their own skills and achievements on the field or court is also a common practice. Additionally, they often organize friendly competitions among themselves or with other dorms to satisfy their competitive spirit.

Girls: Even though Catholic schools have a reputation for being strict, boys are still boys. They are naturally curious about the opposite sex and love to talk about their crushes, fantasies, and experiences with girls. Teasing each other about their lack of success or courage in approaching girls is also a common practice. Some students even go as far as sneaking out to meet girls from nearby schools or towns.

Movies: Boys are fond of watching movies on their laptops or tablets, particularly action, comedy, and horror films. They enjoy dissecting the plot, characters, and special effects of the movies they watch. They also like recommending films to one another or criticizing the ones they don't enjoy.

Music: Although their musical tastes may differ, boys all enjoy listening to their favorite songs and artists. They sing along, dance, or play instruments if they have any. They also like to share music files or CDs with each other and borrow them from the school library.

Pranks: Boys have a playful nature and enjoy playing tricks on their classmates, teachers, or staff members. They pull pranks such as prank calls to random numbers or ordering pizzas to the dorms. Sometimes, they get caught and punished, but it doesn't deter them from having a good laugh.

As you can see, there's more to talk about in Catholic boarding schools than just religion. Boys have a variety of interests that they enjoy discussing and sharing with each other.





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