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edwardrickie 2020-5-14 11:17
edwin: Edward I hope you are fine. Being a doctor is a hazardous but gratifying occupation. We are fine in Manila because there is great trust in our Preside ...
so good to hear a thing from u Ed, I hope you fine too.
lets pray for this Pandemic to gone as soon as possible.
Tenchunk 2019-12-20 10:20
edwin: 2019, Dear Tenchunk, Best wishes for the coming year,"to live is happy, hath found his heaven."
thanks Edwin, your blessings are always warm and kind. Best wishes to you for the coming year too!
blackchantinii 2019-6-20 11:20
edwin: I have another title for you, "Less Is More." The motto of Mies van der Rohe.
i'll be using these suggested titles in the near future. salamat. i'm running out of titles honestly. giving me headaches ha ha ha
blackchantinii 2019-6-8 01:49
edwin: Dear friend, Is slavery a topic which should not be used in ABH or is because you have strong democratic sentiments? I have a new title for your under ...
personal belief only. don't worry. please release the next part. can't wait to read it.
Guythinker 2019-3-17 04:36
edwin: I was just looking at your postings and saw some of them for the first time. Thanks. Edwin
Tenchunk 2018-12-23 12:05
edwin: Best wishes for the holidays, Tenchunk. ABH is totally your creation. Thanks for all the entertainment.
Edwin, my honor to provide services to the guys like you. Happy Holidays!
edwin 2017-7-31 22:11
It feeds my ego that someone misses me so badly. But you've got it wrong, this is Eddy Oreta and not Alain Delon. (He was gorgeous in Purple Noon and The Leopard.)
edwardrickie 2017-7-31 04:38
edwin: Dear Edward, Ramadan is coming, and in the South, my country is in turmoil. Thousands fleeing their homes, and becoming refugees. We hope that this si ...
hei dad, how r u?
I was too busy these days, cuz i continue my study to neurologist.
hehe wish me luck here, ok?
I miss u so bad.
edwin 2017-5-1 08:11
It's propagation is by bats and night birds, but these animals are few now. The only other means is marcotting. I've tried it and it's difficult as you have to do it on a mature stock. Since it is a vine, which usually grows very high in the canopy, when you cut the rooting branch, you have to deal with a large vine branch that has to be cut. I wish I could give you, as it is very are and people have to propagate it, or else, we'll never see them again.
blackchantinii 2017-5-1 08:07
edwin: I didn't know you collect plants. I wish I could send you some photos of my jade vine. It flowered profusely last mont. It is very rare and endemic to ...
i've seen the photo of your jade vine on my post. it was a beauty!
edwin 2017-5-1 04:03
There is another book I read in high school, which was good. "The Time of the Dragons," by Alice Ekert Rotholz. The time is before until after the war and involves a multi-national family, with their personal and national traits affecting their actions. It is a pleasure read. It is also available in Amazon. And then, of course, Mary Renault's "The Charioteer," with all the authors quotes from literature and her writing of scenes that evoke magic. Aside from these pleasures, you can listen to Ell ... ...
edwin 2017-5-1 03:53
I first read that book in the 70's and found it so sad, even though the author was optimistic in the ending. When I saw the photograph of the prominent Manchu lady that he married, I was sure he was gay. But the style and language are so simple, and but is successful in conveying emotions. yes, I went to Fordham. I didn't like it; I liked New York city, especially the museums. I hope you've read Harari's first book, "Sapiens," very good for the breadth of his knowledge and interweaving of all to ... ...
glistens 2017-5-1 02:18
Your reply was amazing to me. I never expected to get a book recommendation (just bought it) that Updike liked. You went to Fordham?
How varied life is indeed! On a high class gay porn site I find wonderful intelligence! Best to you!
edwin 2017-4-29 19:32
Thanks a lot. An old dog is never too old to learn.
blackchantinii 2017-4-29 11:47
edwin: Dear Friend, There's a song that begins that way, from the Broadway musical, "She Loves Me." Thank you for editing the mess I do in posting. ...
i also had a hard time making posts before . i do it this way.instead of clicking add attach (yung may pic na parang clip) click add pictures, then click browse
edwin 2017-4-29 01:24
Thank you, Tenchunk, I already left a message with the moderator, hunky2man, and he said he will attend to my incompetence.
Thank you also for the years of entertainment I have had in Asian Boys Heaven.
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