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  • It`s been a long time! Reply
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  • The heat is on! Summertime!   Reply
  •   Christmas is just around the corner! Reply
  • Sumasakit ang bumbunan ko sa inyo!   Reply
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  • Miracle at its best! Reply
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  • Miracles happens! Reply
  • This is the time to be tough, against all odds! Reply
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Now what? Am I  going to survived this! The path to living life to the fullest is taking the winding routes. There`s no such thin ...
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JUST SMILE... 2014-02-13
When things gets rowdy, just smile. Sometimes, there are certain and unexpected things that are uncontrollable and beyond our grasps. So always be rea ...
(796) Reads|(0) Comments
Problem? Dilemma? Challenge? It`s part of living in this world.  A person without problem is useless!  A man without dilemma is mecha ...
(694) Reads|(0) Comments
For me, 2013 was a year of travel and challenges! I had been to a number of countries that particular year, as far as China.   But this is a ...
(709) Reads|(2) Comments
Ingenuity at its best! Of course, it is an entrance. That is where people gets through to enter! Whoever thought of this must face a firing sq ...
(776) Reads|(9) Comments
THIS CHRISTMAS... 2013-12-01
I`m not going to promise anything... that is tantamount to breaking it... if ever. Instead I`m going to make a promise to myself that this Christmas, ...
(713) Reads|(3) Comments

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edwin 2017-3-15 04:21
I was just looking at your postings and saw some of them for the first time. Thanks. Edwin
JULIO2567 2016-7-31 05:38
JULIO2567 2014-4-6 03:38
edwardrickie 2014-2-3 02:39
Guythinker: It`s okay... I`m on my way there... soon I`m going to have a new medal too...   
great, I will always here if u need something, dad.
I love you  
edwardrickie 2014-2-3 02:21
Guythinker: Congrats for your new medal... really proud of you!
oh.. hha I dont even realize that, daddy.
thanks anyway. I can share u some if u want, and u know that  
Hardliner 2014-1-19 01:01
And you are back on the leader board...HOORAY!!!!!
Hardliner 2014-1-14 12:38
WOOOAHHH!!! You are Today's STAR Think!!!

Super Deserving!! Congrats.... applause...applause applause!!
nikolaas 2013-12-31 14:10
nikolaas 2013-12-27 11:17
where can i find where the king of irrigatiwhatever is?cant seem 2 locate it.
reybiyan 2013-11-29 12:22
Guythinker: My pleasure...
where do you come from ?
nice be your friend...
reybiyan 2013-11-29 12:09
tank you... :)
JULIO2567 2013-11-5 20:31
hi thinker
edwardrickie 2013-10-20 12:15
hi guyT. I know Im late and Im so sorry.
but happy b'day! best wishes  
kuroro 2013-10-17 22:23
Guythinker: BTW, where`s my 1000 Chunks for liking ABH in FB? Sent you a PM!
You ask Mikami not me  
kuroro 2013-10-17 22:04
Guythinker: You`re truly kind, Kurorosan!   
A hundred chunks for my location  
kuroro 2013-10-17 22:00
Guythinker: Hmmm... I told, I am suffering a memory gap already!
Okay let me pm my location to you.
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