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jumbo 2014-1-17 21:25
glistens: Thanks Jumbo,
I am an old guy so still a little hard (OMG) but I found Tenchunk's videos. Yahoo!
Thank you for your patient education.
You're welcome Glistens...  
glistens 2014-1-17 01:19
Pitta 2014-1-16 23:23
glistens: Thanks for you gracious help!
ur welcum! It's helpful?
jumbo 2013-10-24 11:13
glistens: Dear Jumbo, how do I ask a question for a poll for the group?
I want to ask: how many guys no gay partners who have been together more than five years ...
Open the Poll and Investigation section and you'll find the Advanced Mode tab at the bottom... click it.. n then poll tab... n then u can post the poll there.... if you find it troublesome, tell me.. I can post it on your behalf.. :)
donald 2013-9-27 13:45
glistens: and hello and smile and hug to you! thank you!
hello to u too - hope u had a great day
jumbo 2013-9-12 14:13
jumbo 2013-9-12 13:37
glistens: Please forgive me if this is a really dumb question, but how do I do that? PM you?
There's a "send sms" link in my profile below the profile image... click that one and a chat like box opens... that's one way.. I've already sent you a PM.. :)
jumbo 2013-9-10 10:58
glistens: How do I say something to you privately?
You can always PM... :D
glistens 2013-9-5 23:21
thank slugsteam! i hope you are over anger with boss. to have a bad boss is no fun!
SLUGSTEAM 2013-9-5 21:33
asianhunk69 2013-8-29 11:34
glistens: hello friend, i paid my money and nothing happened. i live in china so does that happen? there was no place to click to start the movie.
Hi, are we talking about Shortbus?
donald 2013-8-18 13:28
glistens: and hello and smile and hug to you! thank you!
u r most welcome
asianhunk69 2013-8-4 12:14
glistens: Thank you for friend request! Yahoo!
You're welcome.  
backup2844 2013-8-2 06:55
glistens: great name!
thanks !!!
asianhunk69 2013-8-1 16:22
glistens: Thank you for friend request! Yahoo!
You're very much welcome!
PokeMaster011 2013-7-30 09:49
glistens: Dear PokeMaster011, I am asked to provide information for my profile but it does not give me place to put in hometown and other things. Am I doing som ...
Maybe their is something wrong with the blog???
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