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Korean Cinema Chain Removes Shirtless Pics Of Model From Campaign

2021-5-23 06:14| Posted by: Winter| View: 572| Comment: 6

Summary: Korean Cinema Chain Removes Shirtless Pics Of Model From Campaign After Netizens Complain That He’s Being Objectified
Korean cinema chain CGV found themselves in a sticky situation after launching a marketing campaign to promote their giant bags of popcorn. 

As the number of COVID-19 cases in South Korea remain high, cinema chains there have been trying to pivot themselves to new businesses to stay afloat amidst disappearing box office revenue. 

Is this ad yummy 'cos of the male model or the popcorn?
The campaign featuring the upsized bags of popcorn and a very muscular and very shirtless man quickly went viral when it was released last week. 

While most netizens lapped up the photos, some others took umbrage at the sexy campaign and slammed CGV for objectifying the model.

“Is this an ad for popcorn or for a sexual service? Why would anyone buy popcorn to pour it over himself while topless, or lie down on a bed of popcorn?” asked one netizen. Other netizens accused CGV of “promoting food wastage”.

A waste of a perfectly good snack?
CGV has since responded to the complaints by removing the shirtless photos of the model, leaving only one pic of him fully dressed.

The other photos left in the campaign are of the bags of popcorn, which, according to the netizens who complained about the shirtless pics, “should have been the focus in the first place”.

Is it just us, or does the photo look a whole lot less interesting now?


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Quote blueanjle 2021-6-20 03:29
Quote treepeep 2021-6-3 22:30
Quote kissthatx 2021-5-29 03:28
we are living in the age of ultra-sensitive people/netizens.......sad times
Quote cricket 2021-5-29 00:24
both look "yummy"...
Quote Tenchunk 2021-5-28 21:52
Good job! +1000 chunks!
Quote blackchantinii 2021-5-28 08:04
too many opinions, too many complaints, too many things to say .  . .

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