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Top 10 handsome athletes at the Tokyo Olympics

2021-8-30 17:04| Posted by: Pitta| View: 737| Comment: 2

Summary: The opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics is just around the corner, and some ball games have already begun. As a sports event, the Olympic Games is also a visual feast. In the past, there were alway ...

The opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics is just around the corner, and some ball games have already begun. As a sports event, the Olympic Games is also a visual feast. In the past, there were always many high-value athletes that would impress sports fans. In a sense, their presence can help promote the event and increase ratings.

A few days ago, the author counted the top ten goddess athletes in the Tokyo Olympics. If you have not seen it and are interested, you can move to the author's homepage to read it. In this article, the author will focus on the men's athletes, comprehensively select the top ten handsome athletes of this year for everyone, for your reference and warm-up for the Olympics.

Top 10 handsome athletes at the Tokyo Olympics

10. Tom Daley (Diving)

In terms of strength, Tom Daley's level is not bad. Personally, he has twice won the World Championships by jumping from the platform, but he did so well in the Olympics. The highest achievement was the bronze medal in the 2012 London Olympics. For the Chinese diving team, Daly has a certain threat in the single event, but not too much, and his double platform combination with Marty Lee is a very tricky opponent. For all reasons, they won the Diving World Cup this year, and they are in hot form.

The man pictured with Tom Daley is also worth a little introduction. This person is named Dustin Lance Black (left), an American screenwriter and director, Daley's partner, who once relied on "Milk" The script won the 2008 Oscar Award for original script.

Top 10 handsome athletes at the Tokyo Olympics

9. Rich Rubio (basketball)

Rich Rubio, 31 years old, is an absolute superstar in the FIBA ​​arena, a veteran player in the NBA, and a leader of the Spanish men's basketball team. From the former Spanish basketball golden boy at the Beijing Olympics to the bearded uncle on the field today, I don't understand what he thinks.

It's just that, without a definite face value, a normal man can't stand his style at all. Even if you take a selfie casually, you can still see that Rubio's looks are very good. To be honest, if Rubio is very handsome, it is better to say that he is very beautiful and very special.

Top 10 handsome athletes at the Tokyo Olympics

8. Luka Doncic (basketball)

Whether in the FIBA ​​or NBA arena, the 22-year-old Luka Doncic is a popular fried chicken, and his strength is relatively amazing. As the core of Slovenia, Dončić performed very well in the qualifiers. Slovenia's overall performance is not weak, and it is very likely that it will rush to the podium in the Tokyo Olympics.

In terms of appearance, the blond-headed Doncic may not be the kind of amazing-looking boy, but he is definitely a handsome guy with a nice look, and his temperament is very sunny and warm. In addition, Dongcic, who loves to eat ham, is also a proof that a man can look comfortable even if he is slightly fat.

Top 10 handsome athletes at the Tokyo Olympics

7. Marco Asensio (football)

The 25-year-old Marco Asencio, currently playing for Real Madrid in La Liga, can serve as a midfielder and winger, and also has a foothold in the Spanish national team. In this Tokyo Olympics, Asensio occupied the quota of over-age players to help the Spanish Olympics hit the gold medal in Tokyo. On the face of it, Asensio is a typical Spanish handsome guy with a long face, both tough and sexy.

Top 10 handsome athletes at the Tokyo Olympics

6. Li Zhenghou (baseball)

As a young player who has won the rookie king and gold glove in Korean professional baseball, the 22-year-old Lee Jung Hoo was born into a baseball family. He was sent to Japan by his father to learn baseball since he was a child. In the future, he has the opportunity to enter the American MLS league. In the Asian Games in 2018 and the top 12 in the world in 2019 , Li Zhenghou performed well and helped the team win the championship and runner-up as the main force.

In terms of appearance, Li Zhenghou has the handsome face of the standard male second role in the Korean drama. He is full of sense of president or brotherhood. His side face is very good. When he looks at the past, he has the sense of sight of Li Xian mixed with Zhang Jike.

Top 10 handsome athletes at the Tokyo Olympics

5. Armand Duplantis (pole vault)

Armand Duplantis, 21 years old, is a Swedish pole vaulter and world record holder for indoor pole vault. Armand Duplantis is a rare pole vault wizard. He was crowned king in Europe at the age of 17, and broke the world record twice at the age of 20.

In this year's Tokyo Olympics, Armand Duplantis is the number one favorite to win the men's pole vault event, and he is also likely to dominate the field in the future. In terms of appearance, Armand has thick eyebrows and big eyes, sharp lines on his face, and a little bit against the English football star Glarish.

Top 10 handsome athletes at the Tokyo Olympics

4. Gabriel Medina (surfing)

Surfing is one of the new events of the Olympic Games. Surfers from all over the world will compete for the gold medal on the Tiogasaki Coast in Chiba, Japan. Speaking of the handsome Olympic guy, Gabriel, a 27-year-old star from Brazil, can enter the list as a representative of Latin American men.

As a samba boy with thick eyebrows and big eyes, Gabriel has similarities with tennis king Federer between his eyebrows and eyes. In terms of strength, Gabriel Medina should not be underestimated. He has the experience of two world surfing champions and is the first surfing legend in surfing history to complete a backflip difficult action (completed in the 2014 Gold Coast Race in Australia).

Top 10 handsome athletes at the Tokyo Olympics

3. Neah Houston (skateboarding)

In the era of popular street culture, in order to attract the attention of young people, the Olympic Committee began to make skateboarding, which had previously been biased towards extreme sports, into the Olympic competition. Critics of skateboarding masters finally ushered in a grand debut in the highest sports hall time.

Among the men's players, the 26-year-old American star Niah Houston is extremely representative. Since his debut in 2011, he has won a total of 16 championships (4 annual finals championships, 12 X Games championships), and is the skater with the most fans and the highest prize money in the world.

On the extranet, the number of fans of Niah Houston on social media surpassed 10 million. In addition to his technical skills, he must have a face of a sexy handsome guy who looks like Iron Man. He has a lot of points on the road to fans.

Top 10 handsome athletes at the Tokyo Olympics

2. Max Whitlock (gymnastics)

There have been many handsome guys in gymnastics since ancient times, and the most representative one is German athlete Marcel Nguyen. Unfortunately, he suffered an anterior cruciate ligament injury in the Tokyo Olympics two months ago and missed the opportunity to come. However, it doesn't matter, the beauty of the gymnastics field also has athletes represented by the British star Max Whitlock.

For this British gymnastic genius, I believe everyone should not be unfamiliar. At the Rio Olympics, he defeated the best in floor exercise and pommel horse events and won gold medals. For the Chinese gymnastics team, he is a very threatening opponent.

Top 10 handsome athletes at the Tokyo Olympics

Zheng Shengyuan (football)

Jeong Seung-won, who was 24 years old at the time, rotates forwards for the Korean Olympic team and currently plays for Daegu FC. Although his achievements in the football field are not particularly outstanding and are still in a rising period, many domestic fans are still quite impressed by him, because he has the appearance of a top-notch artist and he does not mix with Korean entertainment. Choose a football circle that speaks for its strength. In terms of facial features, Zheng Shengyuan is very good, and he has to lose out on his body, because he is only 170cm tall.



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