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‘Time Traveler’s Wife’ fans shocked by ‘disturbing’ oral sex scene

2022-5-29 21:29| Posted by: Pitta| View: 426| Comment: 2

Summary: A flashback scene shows a 16-year-old version of Henry using his powers to perform oral sex on himself.
Viewers of HBO’s adaption of “The Time Traveler’s Wife” were left “disturbed” and “haunted” by a sex scene that was depicted in Sunday’s second episode, as well as the original book.

In the episode, Henry — played by Theo James — explains to his love interest, Claire (Rose Leslie), how his father found out about his time-traveling powers by awkward accident.

A flashback scene shows a 16-year-old version of Henry (played by Brian Altemus) using his powers to go back in time and perform oral sex on himself when his father walks in and sees the two versions of his son — both naked and in bed together.

One reviewer from Decider called it “the most baffling blow-job scene” in the history of television.

“I can’t quite put my finger on why the scene is so disturbing, but it will haunt me for the rest of my goddamn life,” wrote Meghan O’Keefe.

“ ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’ is truly wild,” said another user. “Just straight up jumping from an incredibly depressing scene to ‘Of course I time travelled to suck myself off, wouldn’t you?’ ”

Writer Jarett Wieselman said the scene actually got him to watch the show.

“I had no intention of watching The Time Traveler’s Wife on HBO Max but then I saw this clip where the lead character goes back in time to give himself head and now I’m like…. maaaybe they have some good ideas I should check out,” his now-viral tweet says.

A flashback scene shows a 16-year-old version of Henry using his powers to perform oral sex on himself.

Henry’s father found out about James’ time-traveling abilities because of an awkward hookup, interrupted by his father.


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Quote reneir2 2022-5-31 02:22
I watched the scene when it was being shown live - I too was shocked for about a second - then thought - what's the big deal? he is just masturbating himself.  wouldn't we all give ourselves a blow job is we could? we do a hand job and some even a finger job. As for the dad showing - he can't avoid it as much as he can't avoid the car accident, right?
Quote Winter 2022-5-30 07:23
I am just thinking he time travelled to have sex with his future-self or past-self?
if future self, could he arrange to avoid his father, knowing when he will appear?
if past-self, he could decide to go back at a different time to avoid his father too...
will that erase his father awareness or cause the time frame to collapse?
actually it is just all a game of author says and audience like..

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