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Character Sketch: Twitter Influencer - Yuuki

2023-2-14 08:00| Posted by: Pitta| View: 125| Comment: 1

Summary: Yuuki, who lives in the Land of the Rising Sun, is an exercise enthusiast who works out 7 times a week according to his Twitter feed. He was bullied in school for being skinny and looking like a girl ...

The Land of the Rising Sun fellow Yuuki is an exercise fiend, according to his Twitter feed, he works out 7 times a week, but not every day.

When he first started school, he was bullied because he was weaker than other people at his age, including but not limited to often "needing" to brush the bento bowls of his senior classmates and having his mother's carefully prepared bento snatched away.

The reason for all this was that he was skinny and pretty like a girl.

This didn't change when he went to a higher school, but it was made worse by the increasing number of upperclassmen.

He was often afraid to go home after school because his clothes were ripped by the seniors, crying in the toilet, or he thought the day was going to be peaceful, but on the way home he was blocked by seniors who robbed him of what little money he had.

In one case, when he was 12 years old, he was forced to undress and assaulted by a 15 year old in the toilet.

Because he was too young and used to being bullied, he didn't dare to tell the truth because he was a "useless piece of shit" in front of his strict father, and it was only 2 weeks after he was assaulted again that he found the courage to tell his mother.

His mother was shocked, so she went to the school, but it took too long and he was too young to provide valid testimony to confirm the story.

The story doesn't end here, but he says he started working out at 20 subsequently and now has such a change that he can be more honest with himself.

He said that it is not his fault to look good and show off his body, but it is the people with ulterior motives who are really at fault.

Of course, some people say that he himself now also open onlyfans, after all, has been violated, why do you want to let others pay to see themselves on onlyfans every day, I do not know if it is selling misery.

But to be honest, such a body does not know how long I dream to practice, you guys?

More his photos and videos, please click here.



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Quote Winter 2023-2-14 17:41
everything had passed and made him who he is today.
best wishes to him <3

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