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Disgraced music exec Johnny Kitagawa and the secret scandal of J-Pop

2023-5-25 22:21| Posted by: Pitta| View: 61| Comment: 1

Summary: A recent BBC documentary about a high-profile figure in Japan's music industry is making international headlines.

The late founder of the Japanese firm Genesee, Johnny Kitagawa, was accused of sexually assaulting his students and staff for 50 years, and it is estimated that there were more than 2,500 victims, and his niece and current president, Julie Keiko Fujishima, recently apologized and said she was unaware of the former president's actions, setting off another debate. The victims who came forward to complain are getting more and more, and recently there is a former member of the debut male group "Ninja", 54-year-old Shiga Taishin revealed his face and confessed that he was assaulted 30 to 40 times.

According to the Japanese media "Weekly Bunshun" reported that this is the first time there has been a debut of Genesee artists to come forward, Shiga Taishin senior year (1984) in the spring into the Genesee office, one day was Johnny Kitagawa invited to "You, can you come to the dormitory", so he got in Johnny's Mercedes car to come to the dormitory in Harajuku. He was curious about what kind of dormitory the seniors lived in, but at night he found Johnny Kitagawa approaching and touching him, then being massaged, taking off his underwear and touching him, with his face hidden under the blanket, unable to see or make a sound.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. He was still going to the dormitory with Kenneth's practice students, and sometimes he was assaulted by Johnny and sometimes he wasn't. When he was 18, he recalled 30 to 40 times of sexual abuse.

The group became popular and won numerous newcomer awards in the same year, and performed on stage at the Red and White Singing Contest at the end of the year. In 1994, it was revealed that he had already married and had children before his debut, so he quit the group together with fellow group member Furukawa Eiji and quit Janis. He stayed at Genesee for 10 years, and after leaving, he went to another company to shoot a movie, and soon left the show business to become a working man. However, now, when he thinks about what happened at that time, he suddenly feels unwell, and goes to the psychiatrist for consultation, and takes medication to feel better, but when he encounters a certain reason, he remembers what happened at that time, and has to go for consultation again, repeating this situation again and again. The Genesee office did not respond to his allegations before they were published.

The current president, Julie Keiko Fujishima, apologized that she did not know about Johnny Kitagawa's sexual assault, and Shiga Taishin said, "That's a lie! She knows, I will come out to testify, I want to say to come out to accuse the Okamoto Kauan and the fans who signed a little power. I'll come forward to testify, and I want to give some strength to the fans who have accused Okamoto Kauan and co-signed. If someone who has been on the red and white and has released a CD says so, I think people will be more concerned about this issue, so I will come forward.

The late founder of Japan's Zuni firm, Zuni Kitagawa, had been sexually abusing his students for years, and the incident received international attention. After the actor Kauan Okamoto chose to publicly expose, more and more people came forward to accuse, even the staff is also one of the victims.

The founder of Japan's Zuni office, Johnny Kitagawa, has been tsunami-style frenzy involved in a number of sexual assault of its practice students in his lifetime, and it is estimated that more than 2,500 victims, the incident has received international attention, in addition to the current president of the company Julie Fujishima Keiko recently came forward to apologize, 56-year-old actor Noriyuki Higashiyama also apologized to the victims as a predecessor.

After the actor Kauan Okamoto chose to publicly kick out, more and more people came forward to accuse, even the staff is also one of the victims. The former male member of Zuni's "Ninja", a 54-year-old member of Shiga Taishin, has recently come forward with allegations of sexual assault by Kita River. According to the Weekly Bunshun, Shiga decided to come forward after seeing the apology from the president, Julie Keiko Fujishima, and pointed out that Fujishima was simply a "liar" because she knew everything, but publicly said she had no knowledge of the sexual assault.

The six-member group "Ninja" debuted in 1990 and became very popular and was featured in the "Red and White Singing Contest", but disbanded in 1997. The first time he spent the night in the dormitory, Kitaegawa got under his covers, took off his underwear and gave him a massage without saying a word, while Shiga pretended to be asleep and did not ejaculate.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

The company has been in the business for 10 years, but after leaving, it went to another company to shoot a movie, and soon left the show business and went back to work. Now, when I think about what happened at that time, I suddenly feel sick and have to see a psychiatrist, and I feel better when I take medication. "I don't know if that's considered abuse at that age, even though some people would say it would be better to leave Zuni. I don't know if that's considered assault," Shiga said reluctantly. The company has not responded to the interview with the weekly magazine "Manchu", the Zuni office.

The company's founder is a former member of the famous boy band "Ninja" who is accused of being massaged more than 40 times by Kita River in his underwear.

The company's former members of the "Ninja" group have also come forward, saying they were assaulted 30 to 40 times by Johnny Kita.

The six-member Genesee boy band "Ninja" debuted in August 1990, when they covered the famous song "Keiken Mambo" of the American air lark into "Keiken Ninja" and became popular, this song still has many Genesee juniors cover dance performance, Ninja also in the same year on the "NHK" New Year's Eve program Red and White singing contest, it can be said that the popularity of red is not let. The company's newest report is that the 54-year-old former member, Shiga Taishin, was actually sexually assaulted several times by Kitaawa Johnny.

The night he came to Shiga Taishin, he thought he was just going to sleep together, but Shiga Taishin felt his partner's hand touching him, and the more he touched him, the lower he went, Shiga Taishin was at a loss for words and had to pretend to sleep. Since then, until he was 18 years old, he was often touched by Johnny Kitaawa in the dormitory, about 30 to 40 times according to his own estimation.

The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. Although Ninja was very popular after his debut, he also admitted that he suffered from an eating disorder at the time of his debut and could not eat anything, and his weight dropped to 42 kg.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

The current president of Genesee, Julie Keiko Fujishima, recently came forward to apologize for the sexual assault of Johnny Kitaawa, as the niece of Kitaawa and a long-time senior of Genesee, but she said she had no knowledge of the sexual assault case, Shiga Taishin also criticized: "I think it's a lie for Ms. Julie to say she had no knowledge! You know!"



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