Chris Evans Responses His Dick Photo

Chris Evans lit up the internet over the weekend when he accidentally posted a picture to his Instagram story that, uh, probably wasn’t meant for our eyes.
The whole thing went down on Saturday when Chris posted a screen-recorded video on his Instagram. The only problem was that he forgot to crop said video, so when it was over we caught a glimpse of the camera roll…

And…well, yes, there were some things in the gallery that I’m not sure Chris actually wanted to post (or maybe he did — I’m not him, therefore I do not know his intentions).
This included a meme of his face with a very interesting caption — “guard that pussy” anyone? — as well as, you guessed it, a dick pic.

For a while, Chris was pretty quiet, but that didn’t stop a Marvel costar and his brother from gently teasing him about it.
Well, we all wanted to hear from Captain America himself — and late Monday he delivered the perfect response!
Chris Evans Responses His Dick Photo

Chris Evans Responses His Dick Photo