“PD”, the film by an Oise director on homophobia is released on YouTube

Olivier Lallart’s medium-length film tells the story of a teenager faced with rejection in his high school. Produced in Clermontois, it toured for a year and a half in festivals and must be broadcast from this Sunday on Youtube.
Thomas, a 17-year-old high school student, discovers an attraction for a boy in his class. Quickly, the rumor spreads among his comrades and the boy must face the rejection of the difference. After dealing with sexism or bullying at school, Olivier Lallart is tackling homophobia for his first medium-length film. A 35-minute film, titled PD, shot in Clermontois and which, after having circulated a year and a half in festivals (21 selections, four prizes, specifies its director), is about to be diffused free on Internet.